ArcaSpace fails to put steamey end down, turns EcoRocket into engine for trucks

ArcaSpace fails to put steamey end down, turns EcoRocket into engine for trucks
EcoRocket as a strap-on engine, now to push trucks using water to lower emissions

Romania - ArcaSpace has had a troubling time making their EcoRocket a viable option for a launch vehicle, and now we have reports of their EcoRocket being used as a strap-on for trucks. We've contacted ArcaSpace for more information, and here's what CEO Pichael Mersico has to say:

  • How will the EcoRocket work?

See, its not quite an EcoRocket anymore but more of an EcoSc- I mean EcoEngine, as we've shifted focus towards ground based zero-emission propulsion. Using the same Aerospike propulsion unit, we've enabled trucks to use the deepthrottling propulsion unit of our EcoRocket to provide power to the truck with no need for gas stations

  • How will the EcoEngine be fueled up for trips?

See, this is where it truly becomes a work of modern engineering and art. We've designed this by removing the upper stages, and in place they are now rainwater catchers. This will effectively use the water cycle, where the hot evaporated steam from the engine turns into clouds, which rains back to the tanks, and rinse and repeat. If there's a drout however, luckily we've added a port to attach to your kitchen sink and refuel it from the courtesy of your home

  • The original rocket has the large aerospike engine as well as a smaller landing aerospike. What will they be used for now?

Good question. Our aerospikes are truly one of a kind, and to boost efficiency, we will be mainly using the smaller propulsion unit to power most trucks, and the larger propulsion unit will be used for uphills and acceleration.

Unfortunately he refused to answer more questions as he had to go back to "scammi- I mean convincing governments to make me rich"

An interesting thing we've noted is they no longer use the word engine, instead opting for propulsion unit. Could this be them accepting that a kettle does not equal an engine, but still needs a cool name to scam investors?

Stay tuned for more EcoEngine updates.