Astra Sets World Record For The Earliest Gravity Turn

Astra Sets World Record For The Earliest Gravity Turn

Kodiak, AK – Astra's latest orbital launch attempt of its Rocket 3 ended in failure; about 2 and a half minutes into flight, the launch vehicle shut down all of its engines as its trajectory was off-nominal. Although this mission was considered as a failure, a good thing may come from this. Astra's CEO, Chris Kemp, has this to say about the launch:

"We are deeply sorry for all of our customers whose payloads have not been delivered to orbit today. We will continue to review data and make changes to our next launch attempt. However, it might be a consolation that Astra has just acquired a new Guinness World Record for the world's earliest gravity turn by an orbital-class launch vehicle. Congratulations team."

Astra's impressive world record saw them top the Space Shuttle, Atlas V 411, and the N1 rocket, all three of which has "early gravity turn" launch profiles. It also appears that as part of the record, Astra has been awarded $800 from Guinness World Records.

Image Credit: Astra

Note: None of this is real, please don't take it seriously.