Bezos found delusionally wandering LC-36 asking "Which way to orbit?"

Bezos found delusionally wandering LC-36 asking "Which way to orbit?"

LC-36 Cape Canaveral, FL--Jeff Bezos, the founder of aerospace company Blue Origin, was found by Cape Canaveral security on the afternoon of April 13th.  He was admitted to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after the guard found him discombobulated and rambling alone at Launch Complex 36.

Florida resident, and Cape Canaveral guard Johan Outsprucker found him dazed, and saying barely-coherent phrases.  Johan had this to say about the incident:

"Oh yeah, I found him and immediately knew something was off.  He ran up to me with a wild look in his eye, and said something about launching up, but just falling back down without reaching orbit."

How long Mr. Bezos was wandering the launch complex is unknown, but he reportedly seemed quite lost.  Johan Outsprucker explained what warranted the psychiatric evaluation:

"Oh you betcha he was confused, one repeated question was, "Which way is orbit?" when I explained you can reach an orbit on any inclination, he just passed out right there from what I can only imagine was confusion.

Mr. Bezos is reportedly now in a stable condition, though still undergoing mental evaluation.  Perhaps this is the root of Blue Origins long delays in reaching orbit.

With Mr. Bezos' unexpected hospital stay, the aerospace giants all offered well wishes of health.  President of ULA Tory Bruno sent a bouquet of flowers, along with a get well card and chocolates purchased from Amazon.  Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck reportedly wished him a swift recovery in a very professional letter from his office.  Director of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin had a trampoline kit sent to his room.  And Elon Musk took to twitter saying: "Lol get rekt Jeff, looks like doge will beat you to space again!"  It is heartwarming to see the aerospace giants being so supportive of an otherwise competitor.