Boca Chica crane's plans to foil ULA seagull's sabotage of sn15.

Boca Chica crane's plans to foil ULA seagull's sabotage of sn15.

Starbase, TX — As a retaliation from our last article about ULA seagull's plans to sabotage sn15's flight (which you can find here) Boca Chica crane reached out to us and told us what he will do to counter ULA seagull. Here's the interview

Boca Chica crane: So.. you wanna know my secrets?

Gzzi: Yes, we'd love to.

Boca Chica crane: Ok, let me tell you. to start, ula seagull is alone, he has himself and no one else, I have my whole flock as well as my secret weapon.

Gzzi: What is this "secret weapon" you speak of?

Boca Chica crane: Tankzilla.

Gzzi: What are you going to use it for?

Boca Chica crane:  Tankzilla is very tall, and when its at the launch site, its the tallest thing there, so while ula seagull has been planning drawing up his plans and building his hardware, I have been perched atop tankzilla, spying on him, watching his every move. Tankzilla also has a hook, and we have practiced having it swing its hook around and launching me, so this brings me to my master plan.

Boca Chica crane: At the crack of dawn I know ula seagull will be on the move, setting up his plan. At the same time, I will be securing all the needed hardware to get tankzilla gearing up for the big moment. I have spy radars set up on starhopper, and that will alert me when ula seagull is on the pad. When he makes his move, I make mine. I strap in to tankzilla and spin its hook rapidly. I let go and launch from the crane park all the way to the pad and tackle ula seagull to the ground. and pin him down while sn15 lands. However, this my fail. and I may be forced to make a choice:  sn15, or my life. I am fully prepared to sacrifice myself for sn15, something ula seagull is not willing to do

Gzzi: Wow. That's very brave of you. Thanks for the interview. We'll hopefully talk to you later about ULA seagull's other plans.

Photo credit : Tankzilla, Seagull, Crane, Radar, Starship