Congress Orders Lunar Starship to Launch on SLS

Congress Orders Lunar Starship to Launch on SLS

Washington, D.C. – During the HLS selection press conference, a reporter infamously asked if Lunar Starship will launch on SLS. While the reporter was subjected to massive ridicule on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, it turns out the general public weren't ready for the truth. On the revised 2021 NASA Authorization Act (approved by the Senate Commerce Committee last week), a footnote was present, which the majority of people missed. It read:

"While NASA may not modify, terminate or rescind the decision of the Human Landing System, the current HLS bid is required to fly on NASA's next-generation Space Launch System rocket as a prerequisite."

This is a giant change to the Artemis program, and the general public might not be happy with it. However, Apogee spoke to Brichard Rbanson of SpaceX, who stated reasons why this would accelerate progress on the Lunar Starship:

"This collaboration between SpaceX and NASA is an incredible opportunity to grow our relationship, and to show the spaceflight community that Starship is, in fact, not against SLS. It also allows us to accelerate development of our Lunar Starship since we don't have to worry about developing a booster for it.

Our team of experts at Apogee say that this will not end the Space Twitter conflicts.

Original photo credit: SpaceX and NASA