SNC to Pursue VTOL-Style Propulsive Landing With Dream Chaser

SNC to Pursue VTOL-Style Propulsive Landing With Dream Chaser

Sparks, NV – Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) technology in airplanes have undergone a very significant improvement in the last 3 decades, including the introduction of the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet. However, the technology has only been present in atmospheric airplanes; Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) aims to change that. In a statement on Tuesday, SNC announced that they will be pursuing propulsive landing with their Dream Chaser spacecraft.

"Dream Chaser is already the safest and most comfortable spaceplane that has ever flown; on re-entry, it experiences only 1.5 G's, and landing is very smooth. However, our team at SNC determined that it was missing the cool factor. So, we have decided to add a vertical propulsive landing option to be used on Dream Chaser."

The new design will feature 2 monomethyl hydrazine thrusters below the center of mass of the spaceplane. SNC has described the engines as being "similar to SpaceX's SuperDraco engines, but more efficient."

Original image credits: SNC and SpaceX

Photoshop by The KSP Maniac

NOTE: None of this is real, please don't take it seriously