Falcon 9 Accidentally Mates Starliner Instead of Starlink

Falcon 9 Accidentally Mates Starliner Instead of Starlink

Chicago, IL – Starliner is Boeing's effort to develop a crew capsule designed to return astronauts to the ISS from U.S. soil; however, a shocking payload integration blunder meant Starliner might have to wait for a while before it can execute its job.

A surprise Falcon 9 rollout to Pad 39A at Cape Canaveral yesterday saw a Starliner capsule mounted atop a Falcon 9, to the shock of onlookers. Even worse, the support cables on the side of the capsule were still there! Apogee spoke to Bavid Dowie, the Assistant Integration Engineer at SpaceX, who said this:

"Well listen here, the paperwork can get awfully confusing with all these Star-somethings going around.  Sure we thought it was strange to integrate Boeing's capsule onto SpaceX's vehicle, but we don't make the decisions around here, we just integrate payloads!"

With this development, Starliner's OFT-2 mission will be expected to slip to no later than late August.

Image credits: SpaceX, Boeing, ULA

Photoshop: All Rockets Boi

Note: None of this is real, please don't take it seriously.