Ford Aerospace to produce SLS, Boeing fired

Today, Ford took over Boeings' job of producing SLS Cores amid massive Artemis overhauls.

Ford Aerospace to produce SLS, Boeing fired

Boeings’ contract to produce the SLS cores has been terminated by NASA after a long history of delays and missed deadlines. The once highly renowned Ford Aerospace has been awarded a contract to produce the critical SLS components up until at least Artemis XLII. During the NASA teleconference, Ford executives briefly discussed how they will manufacture SLS more effectively:

“We intend refurbish old car factories in Detroit for use in rocket manufacturing. Along with this, we will make use of Fords’ legendary assembly line tactics to work as effectively as possible, doing so, it’s estimated that up to 3 cores a month will be produced. Expanding on this, we will split manufacturing into 3 stages: Tanks, Engine sections, and Integration.”

Our reporter had this conversation with an executive during the Q&A section of the teleconference:

"How do you plan to produce the engine sections so quickly?"

F: "Well- I understand that we are working with NASA to simplify the [Engine section] to make it easier to produce. We're currently investigating the idea of 3D printing the main casing thing, which would shorten the process dramatically. Up to 42 percent, in fact. And once those are created we loft them down conveyer belts where they will receive that sci-fi stuff"

"Can you elaborate on the 'Sci-fi stuff'?"

F: "It's like the part that makes the rocket go 'BRRRRRRRRRRRR'."

"The engines?"

F: "I think so."

"*audible confusion*"

F: "So in conclusion, we 3D print the shell, rolls down the belt, gets the engine raptors, and fin-"

"I'm sorry... did.. did you just say the Raptor engine?"

F: "Next caller please."

Ford Aerospace played a large role in the creation of NASAs’ Houston Mission control back in the 1960s. The company had various other endeavors over time, but their space projects ended with Skynet in 1988, meaning SLS is their first one in 33 years.

Before our conversation with them, we had high hopes for what Ford Aerospace can bring to not only SLS, but Artemis, and the entire country; however, we are now mildly concerned.