Jupiter Government to purchase 3 of Saturn's moons, rising interplanetary tensions to a new high

Jupiter Government to purchase 3 of Saturn's moons, rising interplanetary tensions to a new high

Jupiter Acquisitions Center, Ganymede– Talks have begun between Jupiter and Saturn, as Jupiter looks to increase assets.  Jupiter acquisitions representative Elec L. Orchestre is to finalize the deal within the coming weeks.

The proposed purchase would include three of Saturn's moons.  The three include Rhea, Iapetus, and one undisclosed orbiting body.  An official statement from the Saturn Affairs & Acquisition Department (Or SAAD) detailed the purchase in a recent statement:

"The acquisition will be finalized in the coming weeks, currently we have settled on $42 Septillion JSC (Jupiterian Standard Coin.)"

Despite the seemingly peachy purchase plan, the neighboring Republic of Martian Settlements (Also known as the RMS United Federation) have growing concerns for Jupiter's expanding sphere of influence.  Martian Administrator of Diplomacy (Or MAD) David Boeing made the following statement on in response to Jupiter's growing presence,

"The growing influence of Jupiter is of great concern to our board of ministers.  With such a broad control, they could easily begin bullying small local outposts and settlements into detrimental taxation.

This is likely referring to the Trojan Expansion Tensions in 1833, when Jupiter attempted a slow, covert, semi-hostile takeover of the then un-unified Trojan Settlement-States.  That very tense moment in Sols history was the very thing that caused the RMS United Federation to form out of a fear that all out war may break out.

When Apogee reached out to the RMS United Federations largest trade partner Mercury, they had a clear neutral stance to the growing tension of the outer regions of the Sol System.  This was their Defense Minister Fred Mercurial's response to calls for Mercury to begin raising tariffs on Jupiter,

"Historically, Mercury has taken a neutral stance to foreign tension.  We will continue doing so for the time being and for the foreseeable future.  We will continue with what has brought our planet success, and that is to continue producing and refining high quality Murcurian chocolate in our fortified mountain settlements.