NASA Rents JRTI DroneShip for Artemis 3 Core Stage Landing

NASA Rents JRTI DroneShip for Artemis 3 Core Stage Landing

Written by Dev_135 [alt link]

Washington, D.C. – On October 1st, 2021, Dev_135 caught up with the head of NASA ground exploration team, Lathy Kueders; while NASA officials were caught inspecting the SpaceX droneship "Just Read The Instructions," Lathy did state that Artemis 3 will feature the first reusable SLS core stage with landing legs, and grid fins. She said this was due to "SpaceX fanboys trolling us too much, so we just made it reusable." Lathy then went on to tell Dev_135 that Artemis 3 will land on JRTI, which will be stationed in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. The droneship will be put in station by anchors with the help of Ebob wacking JRTI into place.

Meanwhile, the flight operations head Bric Eerger, stated that it will land on Just Read the Instructions T+22 minutes into flight. After stating that, he went into rage mode and stated "If the core senses something is wrong, it will perform a boostback and crash into Blue Origin's factory right next to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center. The public will be cleared out with the scary men in blue, the Starliner policemen, before liftoff to ensure public safety if such a thing occurs."

On the SpaceX operations side, Elon Musk stated that the rent of Just Read the Instructions is 1 month before launches through Artemis 6, coming in at a whopping $69 billion, the whole SLS budget for a year, although the cost could go down drastically with future flights. As of right now, the launch dates for Artemis 3-6 are unknown.

Original image credits: SpaceX and NASA

Photoshop by The KSP Maniac

[This is satire, please do not take seriously]