New Raptors too good? Starship goes off course, hits moon

New Raptors too good? Starship goes off course, hits moon

Boca Chica TX– In another Starship test, SN15 launched in the usual fashion.  However, an anomaly near apogee led to all three engines igniting, and pushing Starship to a record high, the moon itself!

Harcus Mouse, a Raptor technician, explained that they expected higher performance on the upgraded Raptor, but nothing like this.  The three Raptors burned for a shocking extra 8 minutes with higher thrust than ever seen.  The major performance boost led to a rudimentary trans lunar injection burn.

Harcus had this to say about the anomaly.

"As amazed as we all were, the danger was a concern.  Once all three Raptors ignited unprovoked, the flight termination system was triggered.  It seems the redundant abort system had failed, leaving us completely out of control of the colossal spacecraft."

Despite the trans lunar injection burn, it was uncontrolled, resulting in Starship careening toward the moon.  Doomed to be shattered into million pieces, lying to rest among a grave of regolith.

Harcus Mouse was able to get us a never before seen diagram showing the new features that led to the increased performance.  This diagram was obtained from an internal SpaceX propulsion meeting.

Old boring Raptor, vs SN15's upgraded new Raptor. (Graphic made by @Caspar_Stanley, captions by @LukePrail)

Big thanks to Caspar Stanley for the Raptor Render!