Mainstream Space Journalism Reaches Peak Quality

Mainstream Space Journalism Reaches Peak Quality

The general public can agree that journalism and the media as a whole isn't the most reliable way to give and receive information, especially in recent times, due to the controversies surrounding world politics and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one sector of the media has stood out as a beacon of exceptional reporting, and that is the space journalism sector.

If there's one thing that mainstream media can cover well, it's spaceflight. TIME's Person of the Year Award article is a prime representation of the fantastic work these reporters and journalists have done.

"After being lofted into space by a Falcon Super Heavy, his next rocket, the Starship, will light out for the moon, land there, take off, and return to Earth, with no stages expended on the lunar journey. This so-called single-stage-to-orbit model has been the white whale of rocket designers for generations."

This quote shows just how much TIME and the other mainstream media knows about spaceflight. It also appears that TIME might have referenced our own article, "SpaceX to Airlaunch Starship on a Boeing 747," which also reported SpaceX developing a single-stage variant of Starship.

And it's not just TIME that cares about space. In an article covering new Sun photography, Daily Mail Online correctly identifies the Sun as "the solar system's largest star." It's very easy to mistake the Sun as a "small star," but Daily Mail Online does a great job of fact-checking and making sure that they write the correct information in their article.

Never has there been a better moment to learn about spaceflight and astronomy, especially with very capable and qualified journalists writing about space. So the next time you read an article about space from a reputable news source, you can be confident that you're reading reliable and thoroughly-researched material.

(This is satire)