SpaceX Introduces Falcon 9 SSTO Variant

SpaceX Introduces Falcon 9 SSTO Variant

Hawthorne, CA – After the recent announcement of Falcon Heavy Lite, SpaceX has taken steps a bit further, by introducing the Falcon 9-SS. Long-term SpaceX fans would be able to recall when Elon Musk, SpaceX's CEO, tweeted that the Falcon 9 booster by itself can reach orbit; it appears that SpaceX have taken this and implemented it into their Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

"The most expensive part of flying a Falcon 9 is manufacturing the second stage, so we've decided to scrap it all together and instead stretch out the first stage tanks. This, of course, comes with a payload mass loss, however, Falcon 9-SS can still take about 6,000 kg to Low Earth Orbit. Since there is no way for the rocket to re-enter afterwards, we will not be attempting recoveries with Falcon 9-SS; the landing legs and grid fins are just there for aesthetics."

With this development, there are now 6 planned variants for the Falcon family of rockets - Falcon Heavy Lite, Falcon Heavy Extended Fairing, Falcon Heavy Starship Fairing, Falcon 9-SS, Falconov, and Falcon Centaur.

Original image credit: SpaceX

Photoshop by The KSP Maniac

This is satire (duh), please don't take it seriously