SpaceX Introduces the Sea Falcon

SpaceX Introduces the Sea Falcon

Article by CST-100 Starliner.

Elon Musk announced yesterday that Starship still isn't enough for satellite launches, and that it will be taken over within 69 years by more advanced launchers such as New Glenn. So, SpaceX's team has come up with a new design called the Sea Falcon. The rocket features modified Raptor engines and new tanks that can hold methane, instead of the RP-1 it use to hold.

Reporters of Apogee caught up with Elon Musk, and asked him a trio of questions about why he chose to develop this new rocket.

"Russia and Xi Jinping's China will beat the United States' space program with a brand new rocket, that is the size of the cancelled Sea Dragon. That's why we chose to develop a super-heavy launch vehicle close to the size and performance of Sea Dragon."

The rocket is planned to launch in 2042. Its modified Raptor engine on the first stage (dubbed Raptor V.4.20) is scaled up approximately 24 times from the original Raptor design, providing over 55 MegaNewtons of thrust at liftoff. The second stage features an upgraded Merlin vacuum engine that runs on methane, and is also upscaled about 24 times from the original Merlin design.

SpaceX plans to launch the Falcon Dragon to LEO before 2069, and deliver 69,420 Starlink satellites fully equipped with lasers on their way to destroy Project Kuiper owned by Jeff Bezos. The rocket plans to launch at a modified version of Space Launch Complex-3 East at Vandenberg Space Force Base. Musk clarified that "Yes, we intend to destroy the pad and the surrounding buildings during liftoff. The buildings will be replaced using our supply of Doge Coins, and using about 69,000 doge loafs of bread."

This is not real, there is no Sea Falcon.

Photoshop by The KSP Maniac