SpaceX Starship to launch from underwater

SpaceX to launch Starship from underwater, similarly to the proposed Sea Dragon rocket for unknown reasons.

SpaceX Starship to launch from underwater

During todays Starship update, M'lon Eusk announced plans to conduct underwater starship launches.

"We have a very big announcement to make, starship will be transported and launched underwater. Our stainless steel tank production is being leveraged to construct submersibles to be used for this."

This coincides with ULAs' announcement of their airborne spec-op snipers leading many to believe that these changes are in response to ULAs' announcement, while others believe it was to avoid having to deal with the "slow and oldspace FAA".

SpaceX and NASA declined to comment on this news at this time. However, a ULA seagull  (who wishes to remain anonymous) leading the new program commented saying:

"The new program is an effort by ULA to help remove upper stages such as the CZ-5B or broken Falcon 9 upper stages and prevent them from causing harm to civilians. By doing so we continue to support safe access to space and continue our tradition of doing the best for our customers and the planet."
Artist Depiction of Starship during launch

It remains to be seen how this change to how starship launches will impact the first re-entry test scheduled for soon™ and if Russia will sue on the basis of stealing their concept of submarine launched orbital rockets.