SpaceX to Airlaunch Starship on a Boeing 747

SpaceX to Airlaunch Starship on a Boeing 747

Hawthorne, CA–After the announcement of the Starship catch tower, SpaceX have apparently been working on a new way for its Starship rocket to save fuel. Early this morning, SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk have revealed in a series of tweets about how Starship will be integrated on top of a 747 aircraft, then fly to an altitude of about 6900 meters, before igniting its 3 sea level Raptor engines and separating from the 747. Harcus Mouse, a Raptor technician said in a statement:

"Initially we had some concerns about the mass of the vehicle, and how the 747 would react to those stresses, but the ability to abort from the aircraft in the event of an emergency is always a plus, so we decided to go ahead with the design."

To launch the Starship on its back, the 747 will use its fuselage as a giant fuel tank, holding enough propellant to keep the rocket in the air. However, many people have some concerns about the stability of the aircraft. Mouse addressed this problem, saying:

"That isn't a problem, it is unstable during the landing process, but we have built an ejection system should the pilots need it. Landing isn't a requirement."

It is still unclear how the pilots will eject when Starship is still attached.

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