SpaceX to put a Burger King on the Moon

SpaceX to put a Burger King on the Moon

Written by @space_forlife

Not to be outdone by Lockheed, SpaceX have announced that they will be putting a Burger King restaurant on the moon. We were able to have an exclusive interview with the CEO of SpaceX M'lon Eusk.

Space!! - So I hear that you are putting a Burger King restuarant on the moon?

M'lon - Yes that is true. I hear that this is the new big thing going on in the industry so we have partnered up with Burger King to put up one of their restaurants on the moon.

Space!! - So do you plan on sending the Burger King to the moon via a Starship?

M'lon - yes

Space!! - Very interesting...

M'lon - Yes... I even Tweeted it out you know?

Space!! - oh ok... Thanks for talking with us M'lon.

This brings tensions to a new level as there will be fierce rivalry between the Starbucks coffee place and the Burger King restaurant! Only time will tell how profitable each one of them can actually be.