SpaceX To Bellyflop Super Heavy Booster With Fins

SpaceX To Bellyflop Super Heavy Booster With Fins

Boca Chica, TX– SpaceX just can't seem to stop changing the design of its upcoming Starship-Super Heavy rocket. After the static fire of SN15 yesterday, Elon Musk sent out a tweet detailing how "Super Heavy will feature 4 fins, similar to Starship, and descend belly-first before righting itself and landing." As shocking as this is, space fans who have been following SpaceX and Musk for a long time know that no design ever stays the same, especially with the Starship program.

Rmitry Dogozin, a plumbing engineer for Starship, says:

"The new bellyflop maneuver for Super Heavy will need header tanks, so we're working on implementing those in the design. However, we think that the Delta-V savings from this new maneuver is worth all of the development time."

When asked about what this means for the Super Heavy catch tower, Dogozin says:

"That won't change; we're still going to catch Super Heavy with the tower."

According to Dogozin, these changes will take place as soon as BN3.

The updated Starship-Super Heavy. (Original photo credit: Jack Beyer from NASASpaceflight.)