SpaceX to Airlaunch Starship Using Helium Balloons

SpaceX to Airlaunch Starship Using Helium Balloons

Hawthorne, CA - In a recent announcement, Elon Musk was telling us how to make Starship more efficient, they needed to make it look ugly. While doing that, he accidentally revealed this image:

Artists representation of the Helium balloons lifting Starship

Later that evening, Elon revealed that Starship would be air-launched using helium balloons. "Since I believe the best part is no part, I thought that there is no need for the booster. We will take the Starship up to an altitude of 9 kilometers. There, the balloon will pop on its own and Starship will ignite its Vaptor Rac- sorry, Raptor Vacuum engines and head to space. This will be eliminating the need for a booster. However, we will need a little bit more fuel capacity in the Starship."

Our interviewer Space_Boi went to interview some workers. Here is what he found. "Gosh that's ugly", said Dim Todd. "Does he want to make Starship look ugly? I mean after the announcement that the flaps would be moved some degrees back, I just said 'Elon stop. Just stop. You are making this look ugly now.'", Said an anonymous worker. "I feel this is a great idea. I don't need to work on the booster now. I can finally take a leave! Wait, is this being recorded?" Said another worker.

As you can see, there are mixed opinions about this. Harcus Mouse, the Raptor technician said this, "Good choice. I was overworking myself. So many engines on Super Heavy. Now I need to produce only a few engines!"