SpaceX Workers Drive SN15 to FAA Headquarters to Protest Lengthy Review

SpaceX Workers Drive SN15 to FAA Headquarters to Protest Lengthy Review

Written by: Dev_135 [alt link]

After long delays from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Elon Musk is fed up with how long they are taking to finish up everything for Starship's first orbital flight test. In response, Musk ordered Falcon 9 workers to drive SN15 up to the FAA headquarters to protest.

Dev_135 interviewed Renji Beed on why they are taking so long. Renji responded that "the FAA are snails, just like Blue Origin with their New Glenn rocket, and their engines"

There's even rumors that if the FAA denies SpaceX's an approved environmental review, they will fly a Starship into their headquarters to protest even more. But in response, the FAA would fine them after the computers crash because of Blue Origin's 300 page lawsuit on how unworthy SpaceX is for this review. Musk then went to state that if the FAA still don't pass it, SpaceX would drop a Super Heavy booster on their headquarters via a Chinook helicopter.

With more response, they could possibly proceed to protest even more with their Twitter users. The users would jump on and crash the servers of the FAA by spamming their Twitter on how horrid they are for denying SpaceX. And at worst, the SpaceX Seagulls can gang up to make a Lunar Starship and launch under seagull power into their building. Overall, SpaceX has many users that want this to be passed, but the FAA determines it all. From seagulls, to lawsuits, and driving a Starship to their headquarters, the FAA is being pressured to pass this review.

This is all satire (duh), do not take as a real report