Starliner flight delayed, spacecraft afraid to fly

Starliner flight delayed, spacecraft afraid to fly

Cape Canaveral – FL, Just yesterday, Boeing announced that the Starliner wont fly due to "other missions". However, the ULA seagull reported to us that the Spacecraft is actually afraid to fly.

Our undercover agent, Space Boi went to the Boeing factory to inspect what was going on. This is what he found out.

"One engineer yelled out, 'she is scared, someone tell her that her software's ok'. There were about 3 engineers around the spacecraft just inspecting it again and making sure that the Starliner feels safe to fly."

"We believe that after the near loss of her elder sister, Starliner is too scared to fly", said Boeing space's CEO Terac Ennael. "Just the other day, my coworker told me that Starliner wanted Crew Dragon to fly with her in case she gets lost." Said an anonymous worker.

Image credits: NASA