SpaceX Reveals Starship Launch Abort System

SpaceX Reveals Starship Launch Abort System

Starbase (Boca Chica), TX – SpaceX's Starship promises to be a next-generation rocket capable of launching both crew and cargo; however, a big concern of the Starship vehicle has always been the safety aspect. How will the crew abort in the event of an emergency?

SpaceX has just answered this question. on July 27th, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter:

"After a lengthy consideration process, we've decided to implement an abort system just like Crew Dragon's. It will be able to pull the crew compartment away in the event of an emergency. We believe that this is the best option to keep Starship safe for crew and to expediate the certification process."

The abort system design features SpaceX's brand new hypergolic variant of the Raptor engine (which was covered by Apogee in this article). The engines will be placed in a brand new inline engine bay, which would "decrease payload capacity, but increase safety for crew," according to Elon Musk. The inline engine bay will feature the standard 3-engine layout, to avoid redesigns and complications in plumbing. It is still unclear whether Starship will be equipped with parachutes for an emergency landing after an abort.

Original image credit: SpaceX

Photoshop: The KSP Maniac

Note: None of this is real, please don't take it seriously.