SpaceX Switches to Hydrazine to Increase Raptor Reliability

SpaceX Switches to Hydrazine to Increase Raptor Reliability

McGregor TX– In a shocking twist, SpaceX announced that the Raptor is to be switched to using the hypergolic fuel Hydrazine.  The change is said to improve reliability in the raptors, and give the booster and edge for crew safety because of engine reliability.

The benefits include many things, like a more reliable startup, so landing failure decreases.  The methane they previously wanted to use posed long term storage issues.  During a flight to Mars, storing the methane for the long period could cause many complications.  On the other hand, hypergolic fuels like Hydrazine are extremely reliable and versatile in harsh conditions.

Raptor technician Harcus Mouse had this to say about the change.

"The change to Hydrazine makes our lives so much simpler, the benefits really are lifesavers.  The only downside is that Hydrazine is extremely carcinogenic, toxic, has a tendency to melt human flesh...  But did I mention that with Hydrazine we can totally remove our igniters!?"

Despite SpaceX's excitement over the change, the FAA does not share their excitement.  FAA representative Boe Jarnard had this to say on behalf of the FAA.

"They're using what fuel? Ah heeeck nah, not on our turf, take that nasty stuff to Kazakhstan!"
Starship testing its new hypergolic Raptor engines


SpaceX is now working with both the Kazakhstan government, as well as Roscosmos, to launch Starship from a safer location.

Image credit: SpaceX