Tory Bruno's horse Indigo chosen for HLS

Tory Bruno's horse Indigo chosen for HLS

Washington, D.C.– After both Blue Origin and Dynetics challenged the HLS decision, NASA has reconsidered and chosen a new Human Landing System.  To the shock of all, the contract was awarded to ULA, who had quietly made a bid on the contract as well using the "Indigo System."

NASA official Staspar Canley (who is leading an ongoing investigation into Boeing,) presented the new choice in a press conference Friday afternoon.  Staspar Canley explained the pros and cons of the new choice in a statement to the press.

"The Indigo System offers a unique set of pros and cons.  Starting with the cons, Indigo can only take a single astronaut, and a single pilot/rider to the surface of the moon per trip.  Or, one pilot and a small amount of cargo.

While that seems to be a deal-breaker, Staspar went on to explain what exactly made up the decision to choose the Indigo System over the colossal Lunar Starship.

"While there are some cargo/crew capacity concerns, the upside of this system is huge.  Indigo offers reusability that is unrivaled, even by the likes of SpaceX.  The Indigo System could make hundreds of trips, with only short one-two day turnaround time between flights.  Most mid-flight hardware failures are resolved via a sugar cube.  Another pro is the Indigo Systems onboard life support, though it isn't fully understood, it has been proven to work.  Indigo seems to provide a protective boundary to pilot/crew onboard to the vacuum of space and solar radiation.

The initial test flight will happen as early as December 2021, as Indigo is capable of making a lunar mission on a Vulcan Centaur.  Indigo offers enough Delta V to make a lunar landing, return burn, and even offers reentry heating protection.

Official ULA render of the Indigo System