ULA, SpaceX merge, announce Falcon Centaur.

ULA, SpaceX merge, announce Falcon Centaur.

Centennial, CO-In a recent announcement, United Launch Alliance (ULA) and SpaceX will merge to create ULX. ULX's first product will be Falcon Centaur using SpaceX's Falcon 9 first stage and ULA's Centaur upper stage. Both Starship and Vulcan development will be halted immediately to support Falcon Centaur development.

Looking into the future, ULX will be designing the Crew Dragon trunk to fit on the Centaur upper stage. The new Crew Dragon variant will likely first launch on Crew 3 or Crew 4 depending on when development and certification is complete. Another possibility is to add solid rocket boosters to Falcon 9.

Falcon Centaur with Crew Dragon

A ULX spokesperson wrote: "We're extremely excited for this new merger and the possibilities it brings. Combining the best parts of Falcon 9 and Atlas V will greatly increase performance from before. We also look forward to new developments for the future of spaceflight."

ULX Logo

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